Donors and Supporters

We are grateful for the support we have received from these individuals, companies, and fellow non-profit organizations. They have extended our reach immensely. Please add your name to this list by making a contribution to NBAC today.

Financial Support (2023)

Ralph C. Shive

$10,000 – $49,999
Mimi Stiritz

$5,000 – 9,999
Mike Jackson, FAIA
Monaca Rogers
In Memory of Scott Shive

$1,000 – $5,000
George W. Giles (In Memory of Larry Giles)
Doug Houser
Lynn Josse
Memory for the Future
Andrew E. Newman

$500 – 999
Emery Cox III
Jerry Garrett
Society of Architectural Historians – St. Louis Chapter

$100 – $499
Kim Brown
Cinda Klickna
Susan Lanigan
Ronya McCool
Carolyn Hewes Toft
WJW Architects

$1 – 99
Maria Lopez Barrera
John Edwards
George and Sally Nicholajevich
Robert Pöschl

Financial Support (2022)

George W. Giles
Monaca Rogers
Ralph C. Shive

$5,000 – $9,999
E. Fay Jones Conservancy
Nu Way Concrete Forms, Inc.

$1,000 – $4,999
Emery Cox III
Frank R. Dvorak
Flying Cloud Charitable Foundation
Jean A. Follett and Douglas Thompson
Doug Houser
Mike Jackson, FAIA
Andrew E. Newman
Mimi Stiritz

$500 – $999
Bill and Nancy Allen
Wesley Fordyce
Friends of Terra Cotta
South Side Spaces
Michael Tomlan
Ed Torrez

$100 – $499
David Abramson
Michael R. Allen
Alan Brunettin and Margie Newman
Darius and Elena Bryjka
Carl Elefante
Francis Gale
Eleanor Gorski
David Hanser
T. Gunny Harboe
Karen Heet
Frank Heitzmann
Andrew Hurley
Thomas Jester
Kriegshauser Charitable Fund
Susan Lanigan
Charles A. Lowenhaupt
John North
Joseph K. Oppermann
Barbara Proesser and Philip Heagney
Anthony Rubano
Eric Sandweiss
Nancy Shive
Paul Alan Smith
Cara Spencer
Mark Ten Eyck
Steven Tilly
Wollenberg Building Conservation

$1 – $99
Jan Bentley
Tim Brookshire
Carla Bruni
Douglas and Valerie Carr
Peter Clarkson
Crystal Clyburn
Jennifer Colten
Tom Dunn
Robert Franzen and Lesley Gilmore
Susan Halla
Paul Hohmann
Shannon Howard
James Jackson
Kyle Lansing
Mark Loehrer
Ronya McCool
Elizabeth Mesker
Lisa Stott
Jean Webb
Ed Welker
Benjamin West

In-Kind Contributions, 2022-23
Civic Graphics
Jason Deem
Mid-States Turf
Nu Way Concrete Forms, Inc.
Greg R. Rhomberg
South Side Spaces
Frank Trampe

Volunteers, 2022–2023
Laurie Ahrens
Bill Allen
Nancy Allen
Ray Brewer
Amanda Clark
Anthony Coffin
Paul Davey
Jeremy Eaton
Lynn Josse
Kyle Lansing
Mike McCubbins
Katy McKay
Brittny Meredith
Emma Morhmann
Jason Osborne
Greg R. Rhomberg
Frank Trampe
Todd Turner
Sarah Weeks
Caleb Wheeler