Ornamental Dry Pressed Brick, c. 1880 Hydraulic Press Brick Co.

Ornamental dry pressed brick, c. 1880 (Hydraulic Press Brick Co.)


St. Louis grew to become the nation’s largest manufacturer of face and ornamental brick with over 50 plants within the city limits including the colossal Hydraulic Press Brick Company, which by 1907 operated 22 plants throughout the Midwest and Eastern United States. Hydraulic became the largest and most innovative brick company in the world. The collection contains more than 40,000 ornamental dry press brick in hundreds of designs comprising hundreds of façade programs, including entrance, window, and cornice work. A recent transfer to the foundation’s library includes records and archives from Hydraulic Press Brick dating to the company’s incorporation in 1866.

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Selected Hydraulic Press Buildings

Images of Hydraulic Press Brick buildings from a photographic scrapbook

Ornamental Brick Catalogs

Illinois Hydraulic-Press Brick Company Catalog, 1899

Collection Photographs

Cornice Moldings
Jamb, Arch, and Panel Moldings
String Course Moldings
Egg-and-Dart String Course Moldings
Ornamental Brick, 5×5 and size variations
Ornamental Brick, 5×10 and size variations
Ornamental Brick, 7×7 and size variations
Ornamental Brick, 10×10 and size variations