Revolving Doors

Civil Courts Building (St. Louis) HistoryRevolving Doors

Revolving Door Entrance, Art Deco. Two door units from Twelfth Street entrance and two door units from Eleventh Street entrance. Exterior of door unit is constructed entirely of bronze-brushed cast iron, top has elaborate floral frieze supported by fluted piers, with polished Belgium Black marble base. Side is curved, 1/4-inch plate glass. Interior of cylinder, sides, top, doors, turnstile, lock mechanism, push bars, etc., are all bronze. Transom and frame are bronze-brushed cast iron. Doors fold together for clear passage.
Each door: height 88 in, width 37½ in
Overall door unit height: 112 in (with transom 138 in), width 122 in, depth 50 in