Embree-McLean Carriage Company

Embree-McLean Carriage Company HistoryDeconstruction


Location: 1813-15 Olive, St. Louis, Missouri
Date of Construction: 1903
Date of Demolition: 1996
Architects: Eames & Young

In 1909, the Embree-McLean Carriage Company (Thomas M. McLean and James G. Embree) had been producing carriages and bodies for 20 years in St. Louis, Missouri, when they began production of an automobile called the Embree-McLean. This company planed to produce over 300 cars in 1910.

In 1910, the Embree-McLean Carriage Company produced the following three models: (1) a 30-horsepower light Roadster with a 105-inch wheelbase, (2) a 35-horsepower light Touring Car with a 116-inch wheelbase, and (3) a 40-horsepower seven-passenger Touring Car with a 120-inch wheelbase. All three automobiles were equipped with a four-cylinder engine and a three-speed selective transmission.