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Hadley-Dean Building entrance lobby, clad with etched and painted vitrolite panels before their removal in 2005.


Vitrolite, a structural glass used as both interior and exterior cladding, can be found among our treasures. Our collection includes a Fannie Mae Candies corner shop front from Elmhurst Illinois, numerous Egyptian-inspired pieces from the showroom of the renowned Hadley-Dean Glass Company, the Pope’s Cafeteria sign and a collection of color samples from PPG and Sani-Onyx. The Comet Theatre façade has string courses of vitrolite as well.


Our glass collection includes numerous examples of art and stained glass as well as molded glass produced for a variety of architectural uses. Featured in this collection is the vaulted glass atrium dome of Holophane glass recovered from the 1902 National Bank of Commerce in St. Louis.

Essays on Vitrolite & Glass

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