Structural Steel

Above: Structural Steel Columns, Carnegie Steel-American Bridge Co. Century Building, St. Louis, 1896-2004


The construction of the Eads Bridge (1869-1874) connecting St. Louis and East St. Louis marked the world’s first use of steel as a primary structural material. The Eads Bridge opened the era of steel-framed buildings, seen in St. Louis and across the world. St. Louis became a pioneering city in the use of steel for the construction of skyscrapers and industrial buildings. The collection includes over 200 examples of nineteenth and early twentieth century structural steel from historic bridges and buildings, from sources including the rolling mills of Andrew Carnegie and fabricated in St. Louis and East St. Louis structural shops. Examples include hot riveted flange plate and splice plate columns, girders, lintels, base plates, pin truss components and special fittings recovered from the 1894 Century Building in St. Louis. A major highlight is the complete vaulted atrium dome from the 1902 National Bank of Commerce building in St. Louis.

Essays on Structural Steel

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