State Bank of Wellston HistoryDeconstruction

Photos by Jason Deem.


Restoration of Wellston Bank Tower, Rotating Sign & Weather Ball

1. Preliminary Cleanup
A. Remove all old electrical boxes, conduit, sign letters, transformer housings, etc from tower, sign and weather ball.
B. Remove rotational motor drive unit from tower.
C. Remove unnecessary weldments on tower and sign and grind down flush.
D. Remove circular track from tower and remove the welded attachments and grind down flush.
E. Dismantle and remove tower ladder.

2. Tower Base Reconstruction
A. Prepare new sleeves for reattaching three tower legs.
B. Align and reattach 20’ section of tower base, legs and bracing.
C. Install new electrical conduit for new drive motor and illumination.

3. Tower Top Reconstruction and New Rotator Unit
A. Determine if possible modifications will be required for new rotational motor drive unit.
B. Get bids for new rotator motor or include in sign company scope of work
C. Fabricate and install new screw type adjusters for leveling the circular sign track

4. Sign Reconstruction
A. Remove and replace old caster wheels with higher quality more maintenance free types.
B. Reattach weather ball to sign.
C. Attach lifting eyes to sign for re-erection.
D. Restore or replace circular electrical housings.

5. Tower & Sign Framework Painting
A. Sandblast to bare metal
B. Apply zinc rich two part epoxy primer coat
C. Apply two part epoxy finish coat

6. Foundation
A. Design and construct reinforced concrete foundation at new site.

7. Electric Service
A. Provide underground electric service to new site.

8. Sign Illumination
A. Design new signage.
B. Consult and get bids for new LED neon signage
C. Design new configuration of beacon illumination.
D. Consult and get bids for barometrically controlled weather beacon.

9. Transportation
A. Load and move sign and tower to new location.

10. Erection
A. Provide crane and man lift at site.
B. Erect tower on new foundation and secure.
C. Hoist sign with beacon atop tower and secure to sign rotator.
D. Level sign rotational track with screw adjusters.
E. Make final electrical connection.